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  • Nothing to Prove

    a documentary about the Deep Eddy Cabaret

What's so special about the Eddy anyway?

No, it's not a damn strip club!

Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, Deep Eddy Cabaret is a family-run neighborhood beer (and wine) joint established in 1951. For generations, seasoned Austinites and visitors alike have flocked to “The Eddy” for it's award-winning jukebox, homey atmosphere, and colorful cast of characters.

We've all heard it a thousand times: “What's so special about that place anyway?” Nothing to Prove delves into the heart of that question, revealing more than meets the eye.

This documentary is more than about a place that happens to be a bar, more than just a showcase of the diversity of the people that frequent there.

It's about people, like all of us, searching for a place to call home. Seeking out a harbor in the storm when things get rough, a sounding board when life gets unclear, a dance floor when it's time to celebrate, (At least, a metaphorical place to boogie anyway. It really isn't a strip club).

But Deep Eddy Cabaret is also more than that. It's a place that is woven into the cultural fabric of Austin. Since 1951, it has served as a constant - a holdout of old Austin that's now disappearing at lightning speed.

We need to capture every detail of the bar and the people in it, as reminder of what makes this bar – and Austin – so special.


Small Clips 7 – Joe

Joe talks about being both a participant and "victim" of a Deep Eddy benefit and about the Deep Eddy family he can't escape from!

Small Clips 6 – Tammy and Tyler

Tammy and Tyler tag team as Tyler recounts the first time they met.

Small Clips 5 – Robbie

Robbie discusses why Deep Eddy is so special to him.

Small Clips 4 – Jerome and Don

Jerome and Don share their story of Deep Eddy synchronicity.

Small Clips 3 – Yuri and the Tale of Jerome's Pants

A small taste of a Sunday night at Deep Eddy. Yuri and some of the regulars discuss kids and Jerome's pants...

Small Clips 2 – Susan

Susan tells us the story of getting hired at the Eddy.

Small Clips 1 – Bill

October Interview with Bill.

Teaser Trailer 1 (James Z)

James loves the Eddy. (And he's ready for his close up.)

Who Are We?

Whitney followed her passion for filmmaking to the University of Texas at Austin where she was accepted into the Intensive Production Sequence, an honors program for film production. She graduated with a BS in Radio-Television-Film in 1999. Since then, she has brought her own creative vision, as well as her skills in videography/cinematography, writing, directing and all things production to the many projects she's worked on. In 2010, she took the bull by the horns and started her own video production company Go Whit Go Productions. She hasn't looked back since.

Tony has a background in writing, development, project management and being damn creative. Among other endeavors, he has worked at Deep Eddy Cabaret since 1999, where he has successfully spearheaded the Deep Eddy community's charity fundraising events. He has been working with Whitney since her company's inception, adding his wealth and breadth of business and organizational experience (and creativity) to the team.

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